Woman from Barrow hones skills in Poland to help her new cake design business


A WOMAN from Barrow traveled to Poland to learn custom cake design skills to use for her new cake design business.

Monika Orman started O_Cakes after being unable to find the cake she really wanted for her son’s christening.

The 24-year-old was inspired by Polish pastry chef Urszi (Urszula Janusz) and aims to bring a European flair to the cakes she designs for her customers.

She said: “The training was with Madina Yavorskaya and Rustom Yavorskaya at Tortik Annushka, a Moscow pastry school known all over the world. They trained in many places including London and Dubai.

“I was incredibly lucky to attend one of their classes in Poland the first time they were there.

“The cake we made is called Molecules. This design takes a lot of time and patience to create. In Moscow they sell them for over £ 60 a kilo, a cake of this size would cost around £ 200, so it’s a really exquisite cake.

“I hope I get the chance to make one again, I think it would be a brilliant choice for a wedding cake for someone who is looking for a modern style cake and really wants to ‘wow’ guests.

“Another cake training I took was with a Polish pastry chef, Urszi. She started her cake journey with making chocolate bars and is the first and most recognized person in Poland to make them.

“I took two courses with Urszi during my stay.

“Treats are a great, impressive option for weddings, but also for small parties like birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms and baby showers.

“I can make a personalized decoration for the candies there and have them in many different styles.”

Ms. Orman began her training at Furness College where she studied art and design, which gave her the platform for this business. She also said she was happy to help clients create the design they envisioned.

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