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I don’t think it’s all Whit’s fault. When Weaver was there, the program was focused on football. (basically he knew where the money was being made and he played football at Penn State). As a result, other sports suffered.

Whit was hired by Stegar to present a more comprehensive sports program, and he has many facilities (baseball, tennis, track, etc.). Stegar’s feeling, the football is on automatic, no extra effort is needed. Thus, other sports have developed. The nutrition facility is fall, not just football. Yes, they have a new and expanded weight room and a new locker room, but in today’s market, that’s just ice cream on the cake.

Whit did it right, however, the football was flat and now so many programs have passed us by. What is needed is the most to follow. its in staffing and day-to-day operations. This includes management (such as an associate announcement for football, doubling the workforce for support recruiting (including tech tools), ensuring that the assistant staff are at market rates, not just what the company says. head coach. (move away from an assistant coach pooch, as the head coach) but instead pay the best you can per position, from the special teams to the coordinator for each position. Project large recruiting networks in neighborhoods and blocks from major metropolitan areas and widen brand. Whit hired Fuente, whereas a good one on paper was not a good choice, he came from a school in the city (memphis) without much reach statewide and TCU, a wake forest type school). He goes to a school where awareness is essential and it’s not just a note, an email, but a call, a visit to a sports group calling on veteran soccer players. etc. that’s what a land grant school that plays football does … (Frank was wonderful in that arena).

So anyway, his VT football 3.0 (1.0 beamer, 2.0 fuente and 3.0 ??) lets see if we can get it right in the changing world of college football.

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Posted: 11/17/2021 4:12 PM

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