Wedding Cake Design: 5 Ways To Use Fresh Flowers On The Cake To Steal The Show


A wedding function is never complete without a beautiful cake. The celebration itself is taken to another level with a fabulous wedding cake. But the beauty of a wedding cake depends a lot on its decoration and flowers play a major role in it. The decoration of the cake is enhanced by the use of straight flowers. You can go for artificial flowers, but have you thought about real fresh flowers?

The original fresh flowers give the wedding cake a vibrant look. But there are some things to keep in mind when choosing fresh flowers for the wedding cake like the season, colors, pattern, etc. The final look of the wedding cake depends a lot on how you use the flowers on it.

How to use fresh flowers on your wedding cake?

1. Often the base of the wedding cake is left empty with nothing, but you can change it. Use fresh, colorful flowers for the base of the cake. You can also use this color on the cake as a border.

2. Create a bouquet with different types of flowers for your cake and place it on top, keeping the other areas of the cake empty. It will look like a piece of the cake.

3. Flowers can easily grab everyone’s attention with their vibrancy. So use this thing by placing colorful flowers only on top of the cake keeping the remaining part empty. It will steal the show.

4. Adding floral fillers between layers of the wedding cake is another great way to use fresh flowers to make the cake elegant. It is advisable to use large flowers in subtle colors.

5. Sometimes less is more. So you can use this trick for your naked cake. Use a large, fresh flower to complete the wedding cake. Minimalist brides or grooms will love this design the most.

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