Two members of the Clark-Pleasant school board have resigned

Laura Cope, a former member of the Clark-Pleasant School Board, at a meeting in August at Clark-Pleasant Middle School. Daily log file photo

Two members of the Clark-Pleasant School Board have resigned their positions, effective immediately.

The resignations of school board president Beth Poe and vice president Laura Cope create a vacancy that principals hope to fill at the November 16 board meeting. During that meeting, the three remaining board members – Butch Zike, David Thompson and Craig Koch – will choose from interested candidates to fill the positions, according to a press release from Clark-Pleasant Schools.

Applicants have a deadline of November 5 and the school board will interview applicants the week of November 8, according to the press release.

Poe declined to comment on the reason for his resignation and Cope did not return a request for comment. The resignation letters, which are common knowledge, were not immediately available, but school officials said they would be by the end of today.

Poe and Cope have served on the board since 2019. Their successors will serve until at least December 2022, although they may run for office to extend their terms.

The school board’s job is to review expenses and policies, hold monthly meetings, establish school calendars, and hire and fire school staff.

The resignations come amid heightened tensions between parents and school board members over COVID-19 protocols and mask warrants, and debates over the curriculum and critical race theory.

The September school board meeting was adjourned after just two minutes because parents refused to wear masks despite a district-wide mandate. Poe and Cope left the meeting after the adjournment, while the other three school board members remained, violating state open door law which states that a majority of school board members cannot hold of public meetings with less than 48 hours public notice.

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