TikTok is disgusted with this cake decorating overhaul


While it’s understandable that people object to the stale cake, baker TikTok @TiffanyCakes reposted the video in December with a new comment, and added that serving stale cake isn’t what’s happening at all. In her post, which has garnered 5 million views so far, Tiffany shared, “This cake was FRESH out of the freezer. They needed a white cake with a white whisk and a red boarder. [sic]. … It’s not disgusting. “

Experts agree that freezing cakes is common, and professionals often work with frozen cakes because they retain their structure better when frosting and decorating (via Barefoot baker). A frozen cake doesn’t necessarily mean the cake is stale, either. Several commentators on the TikTok thread, including other bakers, came to Tiffany’s defense when discussing the redecoration process (via Daily point). While May’s initial video drew fierce criticism, subsequent comments leaned more into supporting the practice, noting that the cake was neither stale nor ever associated with a different client.

The TikTok community, however, tends to be easily upset and disgusted. As one reviewer noted, “TikTok has pros on the back for literally everything I swear.” Aside from the rear seats, the cake is good and we’re quite impressed with Tiffany’s quick decorating skills.

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