Thomas Tuchel reveals close ties to Chelsea board after fining Romelu Lukaku


Thomas Tuchel hailed the strength of his “close relationship” with the Chelsea board and confirmed that Romelu Lukaku will be fined for his recent controversial interview.

Lukaku, who signed the club’s record, apologized for revealing his displeasure at Chelsea in an interview published last Thursday but conducted three weeks earlier.

The £ 98million summer rookie was excluded from Sunday’s 2-2 Premier League draw with Liverpool but is now back in training and in contention for the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg on Wednesday against Tottenham.

Romelu Lukaku missed Chelsea’s draw with Liverpool (Adam Davy / PA)

Tuchel believes Lukaku had no intention of causing such extensive damage and is determined to ‘clean up the mess’, but has also lifted the veil on his close working relationship with the Chelsea board.

Chelsea managers always fare less well in the event of a disagreement with the board, but Tuchel has forged strong ties with directors Petr Cech and Marina Granovskaia.

And now that hard work and spirit of cooperation seems to have paid off, with Tuchel receiving a justification for his firm stand.

“There will of course be disciplinary action and he will accept it; what happened happened, ”Tuchel said.

“It’s not a small thing, but it’s not the biggest. And that doesn’t make a return impossible, absolutely not. This is what we have proven now.

“Something has happened, he will be fined and of course he has to accept it.

“This is not about conveying my opinions or the club conveying its opinions, we are adults and we reflect the situation.

“The more the story progressed, the more I had a clear opinion and I was happy that the club agreed to accompany him.

“And I had the feeling that it was really good, because I also spoke to the other players.

“We have a very open and close relationship and we can come up with very quick solutions, without any political interference, by putting aside all the disrupting factors and just looking at the isolated problem in the moment and from there we are gone. .

Archive photo of Thomas Tuchel and Romelu Lukaku
Thomas Tuchel and Lukaku settled their differences (Adam Davy / PA)

“And it was very nice to be a part of it. Between Petr, Marina and me it was very calm, very fast and very open.

Lukaku told Sky Sport Italy in an interview that aired last Thursday: “I am not happy with the situation (at Chelsea) and it is only natural.”

The former Inter Milan striker, however, told ESPN Brazil on Boxing Day that he and Tuchel had settled their differences, aiming for a “multidimensional” role with the Blues.

Tuchel and Chelsea were blinded by Lukaku’s interview and comments, and the Blues boss chose to omit the Belgian from Liverpool’s key clash on Sunday.

Chelsea consider the case to be closed, however, with Lukaku apologizing to club supporters in a video posted on the Blues website on Tuesday night.

“First of all, we were even in the background happy that we took the time to watch calmly and speak calmly,” Tuchel said.

“He apologized and is back with the team for training. For me the most important thing was to understand and understand clearly and to believe that it was not intentional.

“He didn’t do this intentionally to make noise in front of such a big game. And this is the very first time he has behaved like this.

“He’s very aware of what happened and what he’s created, and he feels responsible for cleaning up the mess.

“Maybe we’ll still have a little scent of course. He can handle it, but he also has no other choice. He can’t expect everyone to be super happy the next day.

Petr cech
Former goalkeeper Petr Cech is a Chelsea manager (Niall Carson / PA)

“But he’s still our player, and we have good, good reasons and a lot of reasons to play him for us, to convince him and to fight hard that he is our player. We are happy that he is our player, we will protect him.

“Before this interview, I never had the slightest doubt that he was not engaged. Off the pitch and in his private life, he was always heading in the same direction.

“He’s an emotional guy who doesn’t hold his opinion. Sometimes he wears his heart on his tongue and that’s it. We shouldn’t just blame him and point out the negative side of it.

“We have to adapt to it and it has created a negative noise that we have to deal with. But there is no doubt about his commitment to the team and the club.

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