This is Ina Garten’s favorite chocolate cake recipe. Now it’s mine too


When we launched this double chocolate cake recipe in 2007, Ina Garten called it “the most fabulous chocolate cake I have ever made”. If Garten, a prolific cake maker, said it was the best, I was inclined to believe it was the best. Just to be sure, this week I decided to finally do it and find out for myself.

I’m not a confident baker, so what drew me to the recipe were its simple instructions and reasonable ingredient list, mostly containing things I already had on hand. Plus, Garten isn’t the only one who sang the praises of this cake. My friend and colleague, Sarah Crowder, F&W Visual Editor, had told me for years that this was her chocolate cake recipe, in part thanks to its secret ingredient, coffee, which appears in the frosting. and the dough.

“The texture is perfect – chewy without being too dense – and the coffee deepens the flavor of the chocolate,” she told me. “I now keep instant coffee on hand exclusively for chocolate baked goods. “

Ina Garten’s Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate cake
Image: Courtesy of Quentin Bacon

Instant coffee pops into the creamy, lush frosting, and a hot cup of coffee goes into the cake batter as well. When I made the cake myself, after pouring the coffee into the batter, the mixture was much more runny than I expected, but I tasted a delicious teaspoonful and decided to trust the process.

I baked the cake in two heart shaped pans, rather than the two 8 x 2 inch round cake pans called for by the recipe, and this is where I “went wrong”. (When I sent Sarah a picture of my cake result, she called me up, laughing to the tears.) With baking times), it was the most delicious, fluffiest, and most delicious cake. tastiest I have ever eaten in my life.

So if ugly looking cakes are wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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