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Many have chosen new hobbies or dusted off old ones, bringing them joy during the pandemic that has confined most people to their homes.

And some turn their hobby into a part-time vocation.

Southside teacher Chrissy Hinrichs works with children with special needs at Southside High School in Chocowinity, but now bakes and decorates cakes at her home in Greenville.

“Shuttercakes” is the name of the Facebook page displaying Hinrich’s assortment of multi-colored cakes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and themes.

Hinrichs said she hasn’t made and decorated cakes for too long.

“So I went to visit my sister (last summer), and she does the same. So I said, ‘Can you teach me how to do it?’ Hinrichs said. “I’ve always been a bit artistic with sculptures and paintings and stuff like that. It came pretty easily, so she taught me some tricks. I watched stuff on YouTube and then I started posting it on Facebook and people started buying cakes.

However, Hinrichs did not immediately start selling cakes. First of all, she had to practice to solve the problems.

“I made a few just to play with. Then I made one for a neighbor, and it went pretty well, so I put it (on Facebook) to put pictures on. It came a lot easier than I thought it would be, ”Hinrichs said. “I have a lot (of tools). I got a little obsessed with it after I started. So I was buying all these different tools. Basically, I just started on Amazon and typed in “Cake Decorating Kit” and it has pretty much everything you need to get started. Then the more complicated things I tried, I needed different tools.

She resumed the hobby last summer, but her cake-selling traffic has increased since the health crisis led to a statewide stay-at-home order.

“(It’s increased) because I put more stuff in there. I need things to do, ”Hinrichs said with a laugh. “I kind of took a break for a little while, but I’m back.”

Hinrichs is just picking up orders at his home in Greenville.

“I’m not a professional baker, and I’m not the ‘As of Cakes’ either. I’m far from perfect, but what I can do is bake you a beautiful cake that tastes delicious and is affordable, ”Hinrichs said on a Facebook post. “To protect me from cancellations and wasted material, down payments are non-refundable.”

All cakes and ordering information can be found on the “Shuttercakes” Facebook page.

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