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Mag Carmichael tried to sell her business for four years. There was some interest, but an agreement never materialized for Saint Joseph’s wife. She is therefore closing Shirley’s Cake Decorating Supplies at 5908 N. Belt Highway on June 27.

“I want to retire and I just decided this was the only way for me to retire,” she said.

The news of Shirley’s closing was unfortunately not enough to attract a buyer.

“People are panicking but not enough to say they are going to buy it,” she said.

After all, that’s how Ms. Carmichael ended up with the company two decades ago. Shirley and Larry Herner opened Shirley’s 37 years ago. It was filled with wedding accessories, candy and cake molds and everything in between.

When Ms Herner wanted to retire, she tried to sell the business to no avail and threatened to close.

“She kind of had an ultimatum back then, too,” Ms. Carmichael said. “I came at the last minute and bought it.”

But Ms. Carmichael was an entrepreneur and a client long before she bought Shirley’s. She had a home baking business and then worked for a bakery for four years. There is a photo album behind the counter filled with photos of her cakes.

There was the four-tier cake for nearly 1,000 people at the Civic Arena and the birthday cakes for a St. Joseph’s office that pushed her creativity button. Ms. Carmichael made a great police badge and typewriter cake before the days of Pinterest.

This evolved into running his cake business at Shirley’s for almost 20 years, spending six days a week in the store.

“I just thought that’s long enough,” Ms. Carmichael said. “I am of retirement age. So I would like to have some time to do some things that I want to do and not be tied down.

Shirley’s is open 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. The store will close permanently on June 27. For more information call (816) 233-4759.

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