Rosalind Miller on Bake Off and the Art of Cake Design


From a stall in Greenwich Market to a concession at Harrods and a 12-foot-tall cake in Bahrain, Rosalind Miller’s designs have taken the world by storm

Words: Ellie Fells

Rosalind Miller was way ahead of the cupcake trend. On a trip to New York in 2005, she visited the famous Magnolia bakery, and at that point Miller decided she was going to bring cupcakes back to England.

At the time, she was working as a lecturer at Central St Martin’s College of Art after being trained in design. Along with his artistry, however, Miller was armed with a cookbook, determination, and the ability to “bake a good cake.” This turned out to be the winning recipe.

Miller started by setting up a stall at the Greenwich Market from which she would sell her cupcakes. At first, she balanced that with lectures, spending every spare moment cooking. His hard work paid off as the booth turned out to be a resounding success.

“We brought all of Greenwich to see the cute cupcakes,” she explains, “because nobody had seen this before!

She now runs Rosalind Miller Cakes, the bakery whose creations shame those of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Miller’s team is based out of a studio in Brockley, and while they still make cupcakes, their brand has branched out to specialize in award-winning wedding cakes and dessert tables.

Perhaps what makes Miller so unique is the fact that his background is in art and design, something that has had a great influence on his baking.

She explains, “Because I didn’t have any formal training in baking or anything like that, I approached it with a fresh eye. Rather than looking at a cake and thinking, ‘I could do a little bit. piping on it, ”I look at the cake as a whole, like a design piece.

“I always cooked when I was a kid with my mother,” she adds, “so we spent a lot of time baking, but I had never done it professionally before starting the business. “.

Take baking classes at Rosalind Miller’s Brockley Studio

Baking continued to be a family affair; Miller was joined in 2013 by her daughter Yasmine, and the two learned to play on each other’s strengths.

“It takes a bit of getting used to because you have to go from being mom and daughter to being pro, but we work well together,” says Miller.

“Yasmine takes care of the business, marketing and social media aspects, and I take care of the cooking and design. “

They are accompanied by a small team in Brockley, where all the cakes are handmade to taste as good as they look. “We try to use organic ingredients and we use eggs from local free-range hens,” Miller adds.

When a space was rented out on the same site as Miller’s original base, it turned out to be the perfect opportunity for her to launch Rosalind Miller – The Studio, where she now hosts baking masterclasses.

“We thought ‘let’s expand’ because baking is so popular,” she explains, “so now we have a whole class schedule.

“It has become a huge, huge thing. Cupcakes were suddenly everywhere, and I think programs like The Great British Bake Off are partly to blame. I think anyone can do it. In baking, if you have a good recipe and a few techniques, it’s simple.

“People are sometimes a little scared and think ‘I can’t do that’, but that’s what we’re here for, to teach them.

The cupcakes were suddenly everywhere, and I think Great British Bake Off was partly to blame. I think anyone can do it. If you have a good recipe and a few techniques, it’s simple

The most popular class is the Basic Baking session where students learn the basic steps of the craft, showing that more and more people are putting on their aprons and trying to bake cakes.

Miller’s pastry, however, is far from basic. Her cakes are art forms, with intricate details that make them worthy of a gallery space. His designs are now stored by Harrods, a move that has been a highlight of Miller’s career.

Her cakes have also taken her beyond London, becoming a favorite for royal weddings in the Middle East where they make lavish centerpieces: “The last one we made in Bahrain was absolutely amazing – it was a cake. 12 foot tall that was all hand painted! ‘

While catering for royal weddings in the Middle East is something most of us can only dream of, what advice does Miller have for ambitious bakers?

“Find a good recipe, follow the directions and train, train, train.”

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