Mariah Carey’s mysterious cake turned out to be a tiger


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Mariah Carey gave fans a taste of her pastry skills on Twitter. STRMX / AP

  • On Saturday, Mariah Carey shared a photo on Twitter of her frosting a partially decorated cake, which she wrote was a surprise.

  • His supporters quickly laughed (lovingly) at the cake’s mysterious design – and questioned the layout of his kitchen, which appeared to have a lounge chair right next to the fridge.

  • Carey later posted a photo of the finished cake, which was decorated like a tiger, writing “Tada !!! The cake tasted good despite my elementary efforts.

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Mariah Carey has documented her cake decorating adventures on Twitter, and her fans can’t seem to get enough of the star’s attempts to make a photo-worthy treat.

Carey’s cake saga began on Saturday, when she shared a photo on Twitter of her with a partially decorated cake.

“Make a surprise cake… by at least trying Lolololol,” she captioned.

Twitter users were quick to guess what the cake design might be, as well as comment on Carey’s kitchen layout – which appeared to have a sofa or lounge chair in the middle of the room.

Then, in a tweet posted early Sunday morning Carey has put an end to all speculation about the cake. She revealed the finished and fully decorated pastry, and as some Twitter users originally guessed, she looked like a tiger.

“Tada !!! The cake tasted great despite my elementary efforts,” Carey wrote.

Among the many Twitter users cheering on Carey’s finished product, there was Buddy Valastro, the “cake boss” who is known for creating elaborate cakes on his hit show TLC.

Carey, like several other celebrities, uses social media to document his quarantine activities. Some stars do TikTok dances, while others read children’s books and share photos of their beauty routines.

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