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Your wedding cake is probably the most money you will ever spend on baked goods.

It is the star of your reception, the focal point, the centerpiece and, quite possibly, a work of art. Today’s wedding cakes range from simple to gorgeous, and each is as individual as the bride herself.

The points to seven top trends for summer and fall weddings:

  1. Graphic sugar appliques
  2. Creative “stamped” patterns
  3. Chandelier patterns
  4. Fabric-inspired texture
  5. Retro accents and colors
  6. Cake buffets
  7. Intermediate level treatments such as grouping flowers between levels.

The region’s top pastry chefs say brides are incorporating some of the trends, but most ask for sleek, sophisticated cakes over ones with kitsch.

“They don’t want a lot of decoration but they want multiple tiers. I bake five and six tier cakes. I bake a six tier cake with fondant curtains. Others will have rolls of fondant on the sides and one. with different sizes of white polka dots. Two or three cakes will have random beads all over the cake. Basically, brides don’t want anything too flashy or dramatic, “said George Fowler of Cakes by George in Tama.

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Isabel Bayer of Cakes by Isabel describes the style as “more romantic”. Brides ask for sugar lace on cakes that mimic the lace of their wedding dress, fondant cakes with metallic or boldly colored luster dust, jewelry, embroidered designs and damask patterns.

“Sugar flowers are popular, they are real keepsakes that you can save for many years to come,” she noted.

Sparkling crystal sugar encrusted cakes and gum paste pearls and flowers, simple lines and damask patterns are just some of the demands heard by Kathy Griese of Delicious Designs. She doesn’t work in fondant except for dots, swirls, and other decorations, but has a method of making the buttercream frosting look like fondant. “A wedding cake has to taste good. Guests won’t remember exactly what the cake looked like after a wedding, but they will remember whether it tasted bad or tasted good,” she said.

Sharon King of Johnson’s Bakery is happy that brides feel they can be themselves. “There used to be so many rules about what a wedding cake looks like, but now couples can show off some of their personalities and interests. I made a Chicago Cubs cake for a couple who were really fun. Brides come in with little files and notebooks with all their ideas and they’re probably more creative now than brides were before. “

At Hy-Vee Logan Avenue, pastry chef Karris Mattox said brides often ask for a simple cake with elegant ornaments, a monochrome look, or lots of texture. “I’ve done a lot of beading that mimics the wedding dress. I’m also comfortable with the fondant work, and I love that because you can really create structure and clean lines. A lot of people don’t. ‘Don’t like the taste of this one, though. It tastes like stale Lucky Charms marshmallows. “

Speaking of flavors — this is where brides really go for it. Raspberry or Chocolate Almond Chocolate Mousse, Peach Filled Peach, Cream Cheese Lemon, Kahlua Chocolate, Amaretto, Raspberry Royale, Strawberry Swirl, Red Velvet, Rose Tequila, Champagne, White Almond, Chocolate Almond , pumpkin … the list goes on one of the favorite wedding cake flavors of local brides.

“The Italian cream was a tangy flavor, and I have a bride who wants cheesecakes,” said Michelle Church of New Hartford’s Delicious Desserts by Michelle. As for the style, it points to modern interpretations of the old school tradition. “I’m surprised to see cupcakes making a big resurgence. People don’t want to worry about cutting cakes. There is a cupcake to cut for the couple and cupcakes for the guests.”

Round or square, brides want their levels, usually three. They also choose to order sheet cakes to slice and serve hordes of guests. Bakers make double-layered sheet cakes, so that they look like a slice of wedding cake on the plate.

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