How to make a cake decoration for occasions


Birthdays! Diplomas! Weddings! These are festive events that are most often accompanied by a cake implied. Sure, you could buy one, but wouldn’t that mean more to make and decorate yourself?

We know what you are thinking! People go to school for years to learn how to do this. That’s right, but for basic cake decorating all you need is the right tools and patience, and you can surprise your loved ones and friends with some fantastic cakes.

Below we’ll see why you should decorate cakes yourself, what you’ll need and some tips to get you out of the stadium!

Why decorate it yourself?

Like we said, you can buy yourself a cake for any event you are celebrate, but you have important advantages in doing it yourself. First of all, you save a lot of money. You also show your loved ones how much you care.

Here are some other reasons you might consider decorate this cake.

  • Some people find cooking relaxing.
  • You can enjoy all the wonderful aromas.
  • Express creation

Tools for decorating cakes

Making sure you have all the tools on hand will help you feel more confident in your decorating skills and affect the quality of the final product. Here are some tools you should have.

  • Pans – If you are going to be doing this a lot, you may want to purchase a set of good quality cake tins. These will have straight sides with no slant so that your cakes will have nice, smooth sides.
  • Parchment paper – No waxed paper, parchment; there is a difference. Place the paper in the bottom of the pan before pouring the dough into it and see what wonderful it does.
  • Knife – A sharp, clean knife can help you remove the cake from the pan more easily. Run it along the edge and as long as you’ve placed the parchment like we talked about above, the cake layer should come out with no problem.
  • Cake Board – This tool will help you move around your cake more easily at the start of your decoration process.
  • Staggered spatula – This will be the tool you use to spread your frosting.
  • Bench Scraper – Then you’ll use the scraper to get that smooth layer of frosting like the pros do.
  • Turntable – Decorating without one of these will be a challenge. This tool houses your cake and turns all around so you have access to all sides of the cake when decorating.
  • Fondant Rollers – These should be used in place of traditional rollers as they are plastic or silicone, and the fondant will not stick as much. In addition, they are available in different sizes, which will contribute to the versatility of the design.
  • Fondant Smoothers – This tool helps smooth out fondant on the cake.

Cake decorating tips

there is the standard cake decorating tips like using a record player and practicing your piping and design techniques, but there are a few more that could help you deliver a beautiful, successful cake to your next big occasion:

freeze it

Your cake will be hot right out of the oven, which can make frosting and decorating a bit more difficult. So why not bake it one day, freeze it and finish the cake the next day. All the steps from coating the breadcrumbs to leveling the cake will be so much easier when the cake is cooled.

Coat of crumbs

This is essential to have a smooth and perfect frost on this cake. This is a light layer of frosting covered with a light layer of crumbs. It gives most of the Icing something to hold onto. Make sure the siding is set before placing the second siding, otherwise it will not work.

Upgrade it

You want flat cake layers So if your cake has a small dome, leveling it will be very helpful when decorating your cake.

How to make a cake decoration for occasions


Decorating a cake will allow you to personalize the cake for the person and the event. It will also show the person (s) that you care. With the above tips, we hope you will wow your friends, family or coworkers with your crazy cake decorating skills.

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