Crude design of couple’s wedding cake sparks debate online: “This is inappropriate”


When it comes to the reception, the wedding cake is the center of attention – after the bride and groom.

But when a couple shared their own masterpiece on Facebook, they didn’t get the reaction they were hoping for.

On the cake, the bride and groom have been recreated in frosty, but the design leaves a lot to be desired.

Described as “a one-of-a-kind wedding cake”, many called the creation “inappropriate”.

The two-tier cake is predominantly white, with the bride’s dress, hair, and necklace.

Meanwhile, the groom was given a black beard, complete with a brown tie and suit details.

But despite the use of realistic colors, the cake has actually been compared to “skid marks”, with a handwriting: “Yuck”.

CAN YOU SEE IT? People claim this cake looks like it has skid marks

Another added: “Oh it took me a while to figure out what it was supposed to be, it looks like skid marks.”

A third commented: “They are pretty cute but not suitable for a wedding. “

And a fourth intervened: “Thank you jeebus, it’s one of a kind. There is no longer any need for it.

However, not everyone was planning the bride and groom wedding cake online.

INAPPROPRIATE? People have expressed their opinions on the cake

One of them said: “Cute concept but needs more practice.”

Another agreed: “A good idea but the execution is lacking.”

A third revealed: “She has a bolt on the side of her head. It actually makes sense.

Sadly, this isn’t the only cake that has sparked a major debate online.

Previously, a mom was making a splash online when she baked a cake for her daughter’s birthday, but it looked like something rude.

Danielle Adams, 39, spent five hours trying to bake a cake for her 14-year-old daughter, Olivia.

But when she showed her friends the end result, many claimed it looked like an Ann Summers sex toy.

The mother said: “I didn’t think it sounded rude at all and I couldn’t believe it when my friends who showed up to the meal did.”

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