Crockett launches delicious cake decorating club


October 21 — Youth from Crockett Middle School try their hand at decorating cakes at a newly formed club.

The Cake Decorating Club is run by sixth grade science teacher Hilda Galindo. The club is meeting after school on Tuesday and there were 18 students in a classroom recently and she thinks that will probably grow.

The group is open to all skill levels and is one of many that started at Crockett, or will start soon, such as guitar, spanish and chess.

Galindo opted for cake decorating thinking it might help them someday.

“Next week I’m bringing cupcakes for everyone so we can put them on the cupcake,” Galindo said.

Students practice following drawings on paper covered with plastic sleeves. Galindo provides all the supplies, cake and frosting.

“Every week we do something different. This is our third class and we’re already ready to put our first things on the cake,” said Galindo.

Galindo herself has been decorating cakes since 1982.

In college, she did home economics and cake decorating was one of them.

“… I started from there, and in 1985 I made my first quinceañera cake and from there I still do, but my daughter is the one who takes care of the cakes the most now. … “, added Galindo.

Maya Arrieta, an 11-year-old sixth grader, said she really enjoys drawing and designing.

“I think decorating a cake or something like that would really make me progress in drawing too,” said Arrieta.

“We spend time with our friends, but we also focus on how to decorate and eat frosting,” she added.

Eleven-year-old Charli Rayos, sixth grade, said she got into decorating because her sister is a very good baker.

“She’s been decorating cakes for a while and I’m interested in it so I’m just trying to follow in my sister’s footsteps,” Rayos said.

She said she is now able to hold the icing bag more stable.

Luisa Parra, a twelve-year-old seventh grader, said her aunt was baking and decorating cakes, which sounded cool and that she wanted to do the same.

Parra says the club has been fun so far. “I really like being creative and decorating stuff,” she added.

Za’Bree Soto, a 13-year-old seventh student, said she wanted to spend more time with her little brother, who is also at the club.

“And I wanted to learn something new,” Soto said.

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