Beer and board games? The bar that’s the best of both worlds debuts on Friday


After a pandemic delay, Wilson Lin opens Beer for the Meeples this week. The bar combines beer and board games. Pictures of Ben Hensley

published on May 9, 2022 – 10:58
Written by Ben Hensley

A new bar debuting at the Crossroads shopping center on Friday hopes to bring a different twist to local nightlife.

Wilson Lin, 38, has been planning Beer for the Meeples since 2018. After pandemic delays, it opens this week at 50 W. Bullard Ave. near Minnewawa Avenue in Clovis with snacks, local beers on tap and something unique to the bar scene: board games.

“Well, I love board games and I love beer, so obviously the two should mix,” Lin, a Huntington Beach native, said.

Beer for the Meeples will feature local beers as well as over 400 board games available to play.

And what is a meeple, you might ask? “A small figure used as a game piece in some board games, having a stylized human for it”, according to the Oxford Dictionary.

After 10 years working in the local restaurant industry, Lin said he had yet to see a bar that would offer what Beer for the Meeples would – the ability to enjoy local craft beer and games. of society.

The beer menu will consist of a variety of options.

“We will definitely be getting beers from local breweries like Crow and Wolf, House of Pendragon and Tactical Ops,” he said, adding that they would also be offering snacks like cheesecake and chocolate cake at the bar. . Eventually, Lin hopes to offer creme brulee.

For customers looking for fun with a cold brew, Beer for the Meeples offers a wide variety of board games for almost any interest – from classics to new releases.

“We have over 400 board games,” he said.

The bar also plans to host Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games on Tuesday nights in the future.

Beer for the Meeples opens Friday at the Crossroads Mall in Clovis.

Although it was delayed by the pandemic, Lin said opening is now more beneficial than if he had chosen to open during the pandemic, citing the many businesses that tried and failed in a short time. afterwards due to staffing issues, restrictions due to state mandates, and even development issues. .

“The landlord had to do some work before I could move in,” he said, adding that he was willing to give them more time to work on the space during the pandemic.

He also added that several other businesses were moving into the Crossroads mall, including their neighbor Teppan Bowl, which opened during the pandemic.

Lin said he plans to staff the bar primarily with college-aged students, adding that while they are currently full, candidates are still encouraged to drop off resumes to apply for a position.

Lin says the bar has already caught the attention of local residents.

“While I was doing the place, people were coming to see what was going on; people are interested,” he said.

Beer for the Meeples is set to open on Friday, May 13.

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