BeeHex launches DecoPod, a cake decorating robot for grocery bakeries


In May 2019, Beehex expanded beyond its 3D pizza printing roots with the launch of a dessert decorating robot.

A year later, the company appears to be taking the leap into pastry printing with the release of a second product for cake and cookie printing called the DecoPod.

Unlike the company’s first cake printer designed for high-volume bakeries, the DecoPod is designed for in-store use at your local grocery store. And, unlike the more professional cake printer, the DecoPod has a touchscreen kiosk where customers can select a design and customize the message printed on the top of the cake.

You can watch the DecoPod in action below:

According to Beehex CEO Anjan Contractor, the DecoPod can finish printing a cake in about 1 to 2 minutes. He says it’s fast enough for a typical in-store bakery to print up to 600 cakes a week.

Like many parents, I have bought my share of personalized birthday cakes over the years at the grocery store or at Costco and have often had to wait for someone in the bakery to put a personalized message on them. If I had the option to pick up a cake and print a custom design and special message using an in-store printing robot, I would jump at the chance, even if I had to pay a little extra .

For Beehex, who had risen to prominence in making pizza printers for NASA, it seems they chose a more earthly and – at least for now – bigger business for his second act. Pastry printing is really the only 3D food printing market to volume at this point, in part because sugar is the perfect print medium.

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