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While baking can certainly be a challenge, there is something so satisfying about perfecting an elaborate, even sweet and simple dessert recipe. And having the right utensils can help alleviate some of the stresses that often come with cooking. If you have the best cake decorating tools, you can master any cake recipe – from classic vanilla cake to complicated mirror icing – like a baking pro. Turns out there are tools to help everyone master the art of baking, from kids to novice bakers to experts.

When it comes to decorating an epic cake, you’ll need several essentials including, but not limited to: a turntable to help you evenly distribute the frosting, a scraper to smooth things out, and end caps for adding words or patterns. . But there are also tools that just make the process easier, like an icing dispenser tube instead of a flimsy bag or a coupler that lets you mix multiple colors of icing in one go. And the good news is, most of these items are pretty inexpensive – you can even buy entire decorating sets for as little as $ 17.

Start your cake decorating journey today with these essential tools.

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Best cake decorating kit for beginners

108 Piece Cake Decorating Supply Kit

If you’re looking to build a well-stocked cake decorating drawer, look no further. For under $ 25, you can pick up this 108-piece set that includes a turntable, scrapers, cupcake molds, cake leveler, 54 piping nozzles and more.

“This cake supply kit came with everything I need and more for decorating cakes or cupcakes,” one five-star review read.


Best Value Cake Decorating Kit

85 Piece Cake Decorating Set

If you’re new to baking and cake decorating, this kit will give you all the tools you need to get you started. It comes with piping bags and tips for frosting, scrapers for smoothing frosting, a turntable to decorate your cake and much more.

“This pastry set is for a novice baker like myself who wants to get into cake decorating,” wrote one reviewer.


Best all-in-one cake decorating set

366-piece baking set

If you’re looking to dive into the depths of cake baking, this 366-piece set is for you … and for under $ 40. You will get three cake pans, a leveler, scrapers, icing tips, a chocolate mold, cupcake molds, utensils, a cake turntable and much more. The set has nearly 5,000 five-star reviews.


Best turntable for cake decorating

High and low turntable

Decorating on a turntable is a snap, as you can rotate the cake while you are frosting it. This is adjustable to 3.45 inches or 5 inches so you can easily decorate the top or sides of your cake. It also has a non-slip base to prevent accidents while you are frosting.

“This is a must have if you are a home baker! The fact that it has a non-slip middle makes frosting cupcakes so much easier,” said one happy customer.


Best cake scraper

Set of 7 cake scrapers

A cake scraper is used to smooth or decorate the sides of your cake. This set of seven comes with flat scrapers as well as notched scrapers that can be used to add designs into the frosting. The set costs just $ 8 and has over 2,000 five-star reviews.


Best cake leveler

Small Cake Leveler

You can cut cakes up to 10 inches in size with this adjustable leveler. It can remove the domed top layer of a cake or cut it in half so you can add toppings.

One of over 5,000 five-star reviews praised it: “I was afraid to work with layered cakes before because I miserably fail to level the cakes… I decided to give it a try and I I feel like an expert pastry chef. It’s so easy to use and it works great. “


Best set of piping tips

Kit of 27 pipe nipples

This set comes with disposable and reusable piping bags and multiple tips for you to make all kinds of frosting creations. With 14 tips and a coupler to allow three colors to be mixed at once, your desserts are about to be taken to the next level.

“These tips are so easy to use and make my daughter’s birthday cake a snap!” one of 1,700 five-star reviewers said.


Best cake decorating tool for kids

Dessert decorator

Every parent loves easy cleaning in the kitchen! Holding a flimsy pastry bag can be tricky for little hands, but this tube of frosting gives kids a lot more control when decorating their baked creations.

“It’s much better than piping bags. [It’s] less messy and super easy to clean, ”one five-star review read.

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