3 days left to get a Raspberry Pi RP2040 + ESP32 board at 80% discount (Sponsored)


There’s always a bunch of DIY electronics on Kickstarter, but right now nothing is as compelling as UDOO KEY. Built by UDOO, a multidisciplinary team that has already completed (and delivered) four very successful Kickstarter projects, UDOO KEY is an innovative and unique combination of Raspberry Pi RP2040 and ESP32.

UDOO key discount

Note: unlike Arduino’s latest microcontroller, UDOO KEY doesn’t just use ESP32 for connectivity. Instead, it features a fully programmable ESP32, offering the widest range of options out there when it comes to Edge AI. Predictive maintenance, sound recognition, keyword recognition, gesture recognition, facial recognition, object detection and classification … these are just a few of the many applications you can create, also thanks to the many programming languages ​​and supported libraries, such as Micropython, C, C ++, TensorFlow Lite, and TinyML.

It’s not a fancy mini PC for budget gaming, but a cutting-edge AI platform. A $ 4 platform, let me add: if you hurry up and support the campaign right now (only three days left!), You can get UDOO KEY for the one-time price of $ 4 at the instead of $ 20. 80% off, so to speak.

But is it worth it? We haven’t got our hands on the board yet, but there’s no denying its uniqueness and flexibility. Whether you’re a Raspberry Pi nerd or an ESP32 expert, UDOO KEY makes your job a snap, making this powerful, low-power hardware the go-to solution for all developers, startups, and R&D departments. .

A strong selling point of UDOO KEY is its versatility. Did I tell you that it is 100% compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico? But unlike the Raspberry Pi Pico, it has Wi-Fi, BT, and BLE, plus four times the size of the flash, which is 8MB. To some extent, you could even say it’s a Raspberry Pi Pico under steroids for the same price. And it’s open source.

So what about the specs? Here they are.

UDOO key specificationsAs you can see, UDOO KEY comes in two versions: the basic version, with everything I have already told you, and UDOO KEY PRO, with two extra powerful sensors, namely a 9-axis IMU and a digital microphone . Best of all, the table gives you full access to Clea, an AI-as-a-service platform developed by SECO (the manufacturer) providing fleet management, data orchestration, IoT analytics, pre-trained AI models, telemetry, apps (called Clea AI Apps), and everything your team needs to launch their AI and IoT project in just weeks, not years.

UDOO KEY is live on Kickstarter, but we have to hurry: there are only three days left, after which the sale price will quintuple.

My suggestion? Get it now!

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